Double R Horse Rescue where we believe EVERY horse deserves a second chance. 

Double R Horse Rescue where we believe EVERY horse deserves a second chance. 


It all started when...

Double R is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization that takes in all unwanted, abused, and neglected horses. We also take the time to work with owners who due to illness, age or financial hardship can no longer care for horses. We can help provide options for them, such as connecting them to local subjects who might help board, finding them new homes or bringing them into the rescue and rehabilitating them and placing them in loving forever homes. We work solely off of donations, money raised from fundraisers, and adoptions, we count on your compassion for helping to keep our doors open. We strive to train and rehab all horses that come to our rescue to help find them the perfect fit. If a horse is unable to be adopted out due to injury or age, we continue to care for the horse for the remainder of its years in our sanctuary side. 

Almost 6 years ago Double R started with a dream and an strong desire to help in an area where there is not a lot of options for people or the equine they own. We did our first fundraiser, and with that our rescue grew! We built shelters, pens, and personally acquired the land needed to open our doors. Over the years we slowly continue to expand with the hopes to one day be able to keep up with the demand of horses needing homes. Within those six years we have successfully rehabbed over 625 horses. 

Our first horses came in from Kansas when their owners fell ill and realized they could no longer care for the horses they had for several years. It was a hard decision for the family but knew it had to be done. Due to their illness they could not take care of the horses properly. We made the 5 hour trip and brought back 6 mares that where in need of farrier work, vet care, and training. We successfully found homes for 5 of the horses after we trimmed hooves and trained them to ride. One of the older mustang mares is still have with us today living the dream in our sanctuary side. 

We have seen it all and taken in more horses then we ever imagined, but sadly we have had to turn down just as many due to lack of space, funding and time it takes to properly care and train each and every one of them. We have had horses come into our rescue from as far as Wisconsin, we have traveled to all surrounding states on several occasions.   With your help we hope to be able to expand to a new level, acquire more land, and hire at least 2 full time employees.