Double R Horse Rescue - We believe every horse deserves a second chance!
We would like to say thank you to Double D Trailers for sponsoring our rescue, they have created an amazing "Rescue Corner" on their website:  Check us out under the "about us" Tab, they do this all to help spread the work about rescue work all across the United States! This is a great site if you are looking for your next trailer, they have a great 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer for sale!! Thanks again Double D Trailers for helping the rescue world. 

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As a rescue we are excited to see where 2016 will take us. We want to say a HUGE thank you to all who have supported us this last year, it is because of you that we have been so successful and have been able to help so many horses. Just a recap of our crazy 2015. 
The spring wild fire swept through the rescue burning most of our summer pastures and many of our fences! With some hard work and great support we have been able to replant where needed and rebuild all our fences. This year we also received a grant to allow us to put up a much needed barn (the horses are loving that this winter) Stormy Joe our 3 year old gelding who had his jaw shattered under went 3 major surgeries to repair his jaw and healed like new!! He also found his way into the heart of a guy who has adopted him and is allowing him to live out his life in a great home! Of course there are many more success stories in 2015 and we have found wonderful homes for some wonderful horses. 
(please check our our "Special Thanks" page for more)

We are having such a blast seeing all the cards coming in! Our barn is looking very festive and the horses are happy :) Thank You and feel free to keep them coming, we will continue to decorate the barn until mid January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Deck the Stalls!!
This year we would like to invite everyone to send us Christmas/Happy New Year cards for all our horses. We are asking for a $1 donation in each card but would be happy with just some kind words.The cards have started to roll in and we are wanting to see just how far this will reach,  We will keep the cards up until about Mid January.  Lets see how many cards we can get!!
Double R Horse Rescue
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We would like to encourage all of you to share and spread the word about GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE, online giving has started, this is a chance for us to raise much needed winter funds for the rescue. Every penny counts and every share helps us out, this giving starts now and and will go until December 3rd. 
Thank You all in advance.
You can also donate on our "DONATIONS" tab and label it Give Where You Live.
If you would like to send a check for this event please post date it to Dec 3rd and send it to
Double R Horse Rescue
22495 235th Rd
Riverdale Ne 68870

Leo in training!

3rd Annual Zombie Run
October 17th 2015
Cottonmill Park Starts at 10am
come if you dare, and see if you can survive a zombie apocalypse! This will be up hills and around corners where zombies will be waiting to attack.
We will have an early bird special for all who would like to sign up between now and Oct 1st $18.00 registration fee after the 1st it goes to a $23 fee.

Long time no see :)
Sorry to all who follow my website, I know I have not updated you in a long time. So lets begin on all the excitement that the rescue has had this summer.
First of all our barn has been built!! Thanks to the Ron & Carol Cope Foundation and an anonymous  funder for making those dreams come true! We have already put it to great use, my family even built a tack room inside for my birthday (do they know me or what!)

We also had a lot of fence to put up after the fire, yes our grass came back green but we had to keep horses off it for a long time to let it grow, then we had to pull them off it early to allow healthy established grass for next year. 

After the barn went up we got to work on putting some long lasting corrals up, this will be great for holding new horses that come to the rescue and for winter, Thanks Matt at Double M Welding for the fantastic fencing! Not only did the corrals go up but we also had many busy days rebuilding fence after the fire.

We have seen some bad cases come to the rescue also, one has Cushing's and was in need of medication and a shave, and the other mare needed her hooves trimmed in a bad way. Both have been taken care of. Raina the mare with Cushing's is struggling with the heat but we are making her as comfortable as we can, she will be a girl who will retire at the rescue do to all the care she requires, but she truly is a gentle giant.  

Update on my sweet sweet sweet Stormy Joe 
Stormy Joe has had his last surgery, and seems to be doing great. This little guy is starting to put on some muscle now that he is not fighting infection, and in pain. We have put over $4,000 into this 4 year old gelding with 3 surgeries and several medications but it has been worth every penny! This guy has given us his heart and he has won mine. The other day I got on him bareback with only a halter and we rode around like we have done it 100 times, then the next day I put my 6 year old on him and let them ride around.
Here are some pictures of his surgery and what he is looking like now :) 

Our old mare Vickie was injured in the storm last night, she is healing up great but seems to be a bit Leary of going back out into the pasture

Blast from the Past 
Lady Blaze came to our rescue with absolutly no handling, not even halter broke! She was adopted by a GREAT family who could see past her fear for the true gem that she was. This year they got to show her at 4-H in halter classes and she did absolutly wonderful winning some blue ribbons, next year they hope to be riding her in 4-H classes :) it is always heart warming to see such a turn around! 

As some of you may know by now we had a prairie fire rage through our rescue earlier this week. We are very thankful that no humans or horses were hurt, but now we need to rebuild!! Please find it in your heart to help us rebuild, we lost a majority of our fences, and a lot of grass :( We are looking for support for hay, grain, fence post, wire and fencing staples. Please support us on our Donations page with Pay Pal or our GOFUNDME page at
Updates on a few of our horses:
Coco and Chanel have come such a long way they are at a healthy weight and ready for there new home just check out before and after pictures :) Check them out on the "Horses to be Adopted" page
Stromy Joe still has some healing to go, we are still watching some teeth that may have to be pulled, this little guy has a huge heart and loves to run and buck out in the pature, so that tells me we are doing something right :) This is him now loving life!!
he is not ready for adoption just yet due to him still trying to heal. We will have to have at least one more tooth pulled, and depending on how his adult teeth come in we may have more.
Double R will be hosting an on-line fundraiser Thursday December 4th with Kearney s Give Where You Live, we are hoping to raise $3,500 to cover Stormy Joe's, Coco and Chanels vet bills, and special feed. Please feel free to donate with our paypal site on our "Donations" page and label it Give Where You Live :) Thank you in advance, without your support we would not be able to continue helping all these horses.
Stormy after just 1 of his many surgery s
Coco when she was first rescued, Chanel was in the same shape, both are gaining wght and learning to trust humans again,
 Update on Stormy Joe:
Stormy had his 2nd surgery they filled in a hole in his jaw bone with antibiotic gel to continue the fight with infection. They also took out a few more pieces of jaw bone, removed some scar tissue and did the first step of dental work. He has been placed on a Mash diet only with no hay for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks we go back to remove stables and check out his teeth again, we hope that he is young enough and the tooth that is broke will be lost soon as it is still his baby tooth :) This boy has such a fighters soul, and as soon as all of the surgeries are over he will finally be able to grow and become an amazing little gelding :)
Stormy Joe is a 3 year old gelding who had a FENCE POST taken to his jaw SHATTERING it :(
He lost a lot of weight before he was saved due to not being able to eat and the infection that had built up. One surgery has been done placing a metal plate in his jaw to hold it together but he has a long road to recovery, the infection is sever but at least now localized in just his jaw. He has to have his hay soaked, and a mash made 4 times a day and his jaw irrigated after ever feeding. He will have to have another surgery and several more trips to the vet. Even after all the horrible things this little guy has been through he still nickers when he sees you walk into the barn and will stand like a perfect gentleman while working on him. He has very soft eyes and seems to know he will not be hurt anymore.
Feel Free to go to our donations page and donate in honor of Stormy Joe :)
I will be posting as his story unfolds :)
Thank You : 7/20/2014
Recently we had a storm come through and wreck havoc at the rescue :( we had fence damaged (that was the easy fix) but one of our big run-in sheds was destroyed in the storm. Please help us raise the funds to replace it be fore the cold winter winds come!! looking to raise $1,000 to replace will be $2,000 but the funds from our fundraiser will cover the other half.
Great Story:
Around the first of the year our rescue got a call from a family who lived in CA they had family in the panhandle of Nebraska who passed away and left two horses with no place to go. They did not know much about the two other then they had one mare and one gelding. We had a girl who in the past had adopted one of our senior horses just to give him love in his final days, after about a year with them he passed away peacefully. This family continued to watch our website and when they heard about these two in need they knew they had to help and wanted them to stay together. Chantille and her family picked up up both horses site unseen, Chantille quickly learned that the gelding who she named Prince was broke to ride and very smart. They have enjoyed several rides and he continues to amaze her. They also learned that the mare would be expecting in the spring. This little guy is what she found 4/24/214 he is one of the cutest black and whites I have ever seen, and knowing he is in a safe loving home makes its even better :)
Recap of our 3 years:
I have to say that the last 3 years have been nothing short of amazing and a HUGE eye opener. When I approached my husband about starting a rescue he was supportive and helped me get started right away. Our first year we bought 20 acres of land, put a well on it, electricity, fenced it into two separate pastures, and opened our doors for horses in Aug 2011.
At first i was worried that nobody would know we were up and running and we would not have horses...boy was I wrong!! We had people calling before our fence was complete lol. These are some of my first horses :)
Blue and Miranda both great loving horses who have both found great homes:)
These 5 lovely ladies made the long trip from KS never been messed with, two of them will retire their days with us due to arthritis and improper care before we got them. One has found a forever home, and the other two are in foster still looking for a home.
The word continued to spread about our rescue until the day came when we had a waiting list of horses needing to come to our rescue!! We have seen it all, skinny, neglected abused, and unwanted!
I have met some WONDERFUL people along the way and we continue to grow and learn. We have done some fun fund raisers in the past with Country Singers Collin Raye, Ashton Jackson, Imaj and Whiskey Bent coming out to put on concerts to raise money for our cause. We have also had people like Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and Dean Koontz donate to our rescue :) We started a annual 5k Zombie run and have had a blast!!
In the past 3 years we have helped rehome over 400 horses!! Thats A LOT and most of them are just from the Nebraska area, even though we have helped horses in KS, WY, SD and WI. Our goal for 2014 is to expand our efforts, we would like to expand our land, add a barn with stables (maybe small riding arena) and just be able to help more horses as there is a constant need for horses needing homes.
Last summer alone we helped one family rehome 40+ horses before the owners health failed and he would not be able to take care of them. They all were in GREAT shape and loved, and within a month we had ALL horses placed into new homes. These are just a few from that rescue.
Some back stories on some horses we have rescued:
Gypsy: was taken from her owner when she was found running on the Hwy in a blind panic, when they found the owner they found that Gypsy had a pasture mate that had been lit on fire (still alive) Gypsy was able to escape, unfortunately her pasture mate was not that lucky. We took her in and fully expected her to have several issues mentally and not trust human hands. Within hours we realized this to be the complete opposite of that. She LOVED being with us, LOVED my kids and just seemed to be a happy horse. She found a home right away and is the Perfect match for her new mom, they ride in a drill team, do parades, and trail rides. Her new mom says she is the best horse and could not imagine  life without her. 
Blitz:Came to us when his owner no longer thought he was worth anything and it was either we take him or he puts a bullet in his head. He was 3 years when we got him and he was very small due to lack of feed while growing, he was fearful of us and always kept at a distance. We put him into our training program and within days he began to blossom, he trusted and absolutely loved people. Being on the smaller side he was never going to be able to carry a full sized adult and we worried that we would not find a good home for him. Well we did! he bonded Immediately with Gus and those two have gone on to do lots and lots of things. He goes to rodeos with him (just to play around on) he rounds up cows and Everybody tells us he may be small but he has more heart then any horse.
We have seen horses with bad hooves:
Young: (a few months)                                     Old:   (38 years)              
Big:                                                            Small:
Spotted: :)
And Grays:
We have put in A LOT of HARD work
And Lots of training time with the horses:
My husband and I also work full time jobs but would not trade this for the world! I have been able to teach my kids all about respect for animals and what NOT to do to them. They have shown such love to the horses and love going out to see what new horse is at the house. This does not even begin to touch the surface of what I feel we have done as a rescue, but there are so many emotions that go with it that it is hard to put into words. I love each and everyone of our followers on facebook and on this site,and it is with all of your help that as a rescue we are able to continue our efforts. Thank you for your support, and thank you to all of you who have shared a story, donated,helped find homes or opened your heart to a rescue horse. 
Jami S.
Jan: 21st
We had a full day, we had the vet and farrier out to do everyones hooves and check teeth. All horses did great and everyone got a clean bill of health :)
Lola, Missy and Vicki are pictured below.
Lola (top left) is a 3 year old Quarter Horse, she is very loving and will come at a dead run when called, she is up for adoption but when she was a baby she had nerve damage, our vet checked her out yesterday and said she is doing great and can be trained to ride, however she will never be a barrels horse!! She is an average sized horse but we are asking if she is adopted out to maybe be a kids horse, I have had my kids on her several times (no saddle)
Missy (top right) is an 18 year old Welsh Pony, she is halter broke only and not up for adoption. When we first got her she had foundered and now has to have extra farrier work, she gets around but is developing arthritis and will retire her days with ease :)
Vicki (bottom) is a 24 year old papered mare who is in GREAT shape, she runs with Lola at top speeds around the pasture, is an easy keep, has great teeth very loving, easy to catch, load, and work with hooves. She is up for adoption but will be a pasture pet only, she was never broke to ride and used as a broodmare only. If she is not adopted she will have a great life at Double R!
We have a GREAT opportunity coming up for the rescue. We have some great supporters and I'm calling on all of you for help! On Dec 5th we will be doing a fundraiser called "Give Where You Live". No matter where you live all you have to do is go to our site and click donate on December 5th (our link will be up for a year) but we will recieve matching grants for what we raise on... Dec 5th ONLY feel free to donate $5 or $5,000 Our goal is to expand our rescue! In the last few years we have helped re-home 378 horses, and have had to say NO to many many more due to the lack of sapce. This is a fundraiser that all my followers across the country can help with
PLEASE feel free to "share" this with as many friends as possible Thank you all in advance from all the horses at the rescue and for all those in need!
It is because of horses like this guy that we continue to do what we do!
We appreciate all your support! Please feel free to donate to a great horse in need.
Double R will be hosting  our 2nd Annual 5k Zombie Run October 19th 2013 at Cottonmill Park Kearney Ne.
Thank you to our two top sponsors Midway and Aurora Coop
September 11th: Honoring those lost in 9/11 you will never be forgotten!
September 9th: We have several new horses in the rescue please check them out!
Summer has been very busy, with so many horses needing homes we really do need to expand, fingers crossed we can get that done :) Please check us out on facebook. Also we will be having our 2nd Annual 5k Zombie Run in October, keep checking our Events page for updates.
May 29th :
We have found homes for all the Thoroughbreds but 2 mares with foal, these are 5 year old mares (not broke) but gentle with 2 month old babies at side. We will ONLY send these mares to homes where the foals can stay on them we do not believe in separating momma and baby :) If you are interested please let me know :)
We just got a call from a guy who is needing to find homes for 34 papered Thoroughbred horses, all ages! If you can help foster that would be great. Please call or email me ASAP! Mares and colts to pasture pets :) Here are a couple on the property.
May 9th 2013:
Some things that have taken place at Double R since February; We have rescued several horses and have updated some of the adoption page so please take some time to check them out. We are always looking for sponsors on all of our horses, or donations of all items, from office supplies like stamps and paper to, gift cards to feed stores or donation of tack, or feed.
But most important here are some of the horses we have stepped in and rescued in the last couple of months.
 update on the 60 horses!!
There has been a vet out on the property and has examined every horse, his report came back today that the owners have been able to prove that they have kept up on all vaccinations and care, ALL horses are in great body shape, they have shelter from weather, room to run, and enough hay to last at least two months. With this report the bank has allowed the family to try and place and sell the horses on the property before they take any. In the long run this is good news for the horses, this will be less stressful for the mares and colts, and knowing that the owners care for the well being of the horses, I do believe they will do what is best for the horses. We have done a lot of networking and have met some wonderful people who are willing to help when the time is needed and that is great to know where to turn should we be called in a couple of months.
We also want the owners to know that we are here to help them also and if they want or need any networking done to help these horses find homes we are here for them too.
Thank you to everybody who so quickly stepped forward and I will be keeping up to date on this situation should anything change.
Featured Horse of the Month:
Meet Missy she is a 13-14 year old Welsh Pony mare. When we first got her her hooves were so over grown that she could hardly walk. She was not halter broke and had had very little contact with humans. Today she is doing great, she is halter broke, loves to be scratched, and her hooves look great! She has had enough work on her hooves that she will stand for all 4. She does not like dogs and will chase them out of her pen, but gets along great with any horse we put in with her. Missy is very smart and with the right training I believe she could be started in any direction. She is an easy keep and would make a great addition to any family.
She is UTD on all of her shots and had her hooves done 2 weeks ago. (Jan 23rd 2013)
Adoption Fee $100
Contact us if you would like to give this little girl a home she has been waiting for :)
Hez Dun has found a good home :)
Free To A Good Home:
Hez Dun N I'm Done, papered yearling is trying to find a home before his owners run out of feed for the winter. He is very loving and walked right up to me out in the pen and let me halter him with ease. He loved to have me scratch all over him, let me pickup his feet, and followed me all around. He was born 5/27/2011. Please call if you are interest
October 24th:
We are excited to say that we have reached 100 runners for the zombie run!! Fingers crossed we will reach 200, you still have time to get your forms in and feel free to come the day of and sign up.
On another note we have made two custom made belt buckles, they loved them so much they are wanting two more :)
Calling all Survivors to the 2012 5k walk/run Zombie Run November 3rd 2012 at Cottonmill Park Kearney Ne starting at 1pm to 4pm.
Every runner who wishes to participate will get a flag (like flag football) aka your "life" while on the run there will be zombies trying to take your "life" your goal is to make is across the finish line with your life. There will be T-Shirts for everybody who joins to remind you that your survived the Zombie Run. Prizes to the first two across with their lives, and also numbers will be drawn giving everybody a chance to win!
All proceeds will go to help the horses at Double R, check out our Events page to see the registration form. You are more then welcome to pay by check or to go to the "donations" page and pay using papal. If you use PayPal please make sure to note in the comments box that this is for the Zombie Run, that way we can keep track of payments!
Hope to see you all there and hope you survive!
September 23rd:
We have some great updates! Last week we received our second semi load of hay from TX!! This put us at about 70 bales allowing us to keep all the horses we have and take in a few more. Thank you everybody who has donated to help make this happen we could not have done it without you :)
We have also taken in a new mare Bandette, she is in pretty rough shape and we are on a race to save her life. She is a 20 year old mare that got caught in wire, she has several open wounds that never got attention or vet care. Bandettes front leg had swelled to twice the size and her hoof is starting to detach due to the swelling and infection. When we got her she was septic so we have had the vet out every other day to administer shots through IV. She is a sweet loving thing and if she pulls out of this she will make somebody a great kids horse!
We are also taking on a 3 year old palomino mare who has some front leg issues. She is very loving once she gets to know you, and I believe with a corrective boot we can help her front hoof. I dont have a lot of information on her right now but should later this week.
And this could not come at a better time, we are set to receive a $2,000 grant from the Sherwood Foundation. Big thank you to our friend Matt for getting this grant seen and excepted in such short notice, this will go to help us get our last semi load of hay! ANSWERED PAYERS
Last but surly not least we have found homes for 3 of our horses. Bolt. Sheba and Fobe. Check out the Adopted Horses page to read more about them.
September 3rd:
This semi of hay pulled up onto our land the other day!! Such a great site to see. We want to say thank you to all involved with helping to get this to Double R, and a HUGE thank you to Sandra and her husband in TX who donated the hay! It is because of people like you that allowed us to stay open this winter. The drought has affected so many people right now that it is going to be scary for horse owners this winter. My heart goes out to everybody!
This amazing couple trucked the hay from TX to Double R, great great people willing to step in and do it again :)
Tree Amigos came out last minuet with a tractor to help unload the hay from the semi!! If you need a tree removed please call the Tree Amigos, they are wonderful people so willing to help! (308 390 2681)
could not of done it without them :)
Such a wonderful site, getting closer and closer to having enough hay for the winter!
Aug 29:
UPDATE: over the past week we have had so many people from all over the United States step up and help out Double R, from cash donations, to donations of hay and transport of that hay! It has been very humbling to get to see humanity at its best.
There is one last thing: We have had a great opportunity presented to us, there is a lady in Winona TX (close to Tyler) who is donating 34 large round bales to us, she has found a truck driver who is willing to haul these bales up to us for $1,500 this is taken care of. However this amazing truck driver is trying to get 3 to 4 more truck loads up to us, we will just have to cover the transportation cost or find a company that will help out. This is when I can use everybody s help. If you dont have money to send that is 100% ok but if you could share this story or if you know of a trucking company that might help out we could get over 130 bales of hay sent our way!! This could all be a tax write off since we are a 501!! Please share this and email if you have any ideas that might help us out.
I really want to pay it forward with some of this hay, we are getting so many emails of people having to give up their horses because they are unable to find hay or afford it. Since so many of you have helped us we want to in turn help some people by giving them hay for their horses.
Once again thank you!
Aug 25:
Today I get to meet with Ashleigh and Stevie two amazing kids that have gone above and beyond for Double R. Last year Stevie donated tons of product, and this year Ashleigh raised over $1,000 in cash and over $1,000 in product. I am so honored to call them friends and so happy that our paths crossed!
Aug 21:
We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who has donated to Double R Horse Rescue. It is because of people like you that helps us save more and more horses. We  had a girl for her 10th birthday wanted her friends and family to donate $10 to our rescue, thats all she asked for! Thanks to her she raised over $1,000 and over a $1,000 in product. My horses could not thank her more!!!! Also last night alone we raised over $550 off our "donations" page on this site, these donations are from all over the United States, from Pennsylvania , to Organ and every where in between. We Thank ALL of you for loving theses horses and having a hand in giving them a second chance in life!!
I want everybody to know that no donation is to small $1 can go towards a much needed vet bill, or hoof all adds up, and for that we thank each and every one of you!
Aug 16th:
Cowboy has found his new forever home! He is going to be spoiled rotten in a great way :)
Also when one goes out one comes in check out Gypsy a 4 year old palomino mare who was seized by another county. She has only been here a couple hours but so far she seems to be a sweet girl.
Aug 15th:
Sheba and Fobe will be coming home from the trainers soon! Sheba is very quite and truly wants to please all who are on her. Fobe is a good boy but needs an experienced rider as he gets side tracked rather easily. Both horses have come a long way and neither one of them have tried to buck. Fobe is a quick mover and can pivot in tight circles very athletic! Sheba is smaller but with more miles will make a great kids horse, or for somebody smaller, she is able to carry myself (135lbs) with ease, and has carried our trainer with no problems for a few hours at a time. Check out their updated pictures on the "horses to be adopted page".
Aug. 4th:
Sept 8th we are going to be having our 1st Annual BBQ Cook Off, at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds. $10 a plate for all you can eat BBQ, Husker Football Game and also live band before and after the game!! All proceeds will go to help purchase all of our winter supplies. Doors will open at 4pm and close when we run out of food. Hope to see you all there :)
July 18th:
Sheba is going to the trainers today, she has a family that is wanting to take her home if her training goes well. Fingers crossed that she progress nicely and will get to go to her forever home :)
July 12:
This girl is wonderful, she truly has a heart to help. Anybody feel the need to help make her birthday wish come true please pass the love!! We love you Ashleigh. Also everybody should "like" her page and follow her, she may only be 10 but she is Always helping animals and people in need!!!/pages/Ashleighs-Strike-a-Match-Make-a-Difference-Fundraising-Page/164162960355988
"Next week is my 10th Birthday. I would like to do something very special! It is VERY dry here in Nebraska and people are very concerned with how they will hay their livestock this winter and this winter we could get LOTS of snow. I would like to raise some money for Double R Horse Rescue (501c3 Non-Profit) and purchase some hay for them to feed their horses. Since I turn 10 years old, I am asking ...for $10 donations for hay through the month of July. $10 buys at least 1.5 bales of hay. That's enough for one horse for almost a week. If YOU would like to help me raise money for my Birthday Fundraiser, I would really appreciate it! You can use PayPal or send a check made payable to Double R Horse rescue to: "
Ashleigh Nelson
POB 254
Tilden, NE 68781
I will use Stevie's Paypal:
I will post all donations on my facebook page! Thank you for helping me feed the horses!
*we also have a donation button for paypal on our Donations page if you send a donation that way please send me an email so I can let Ashleigh know!! She is wanting to keep track of all the money she has raised for us :)
July 5yh:
Blitz has found his forever home! He is going to make an 11 year old boy very happy!! They have had several rides together and both have a great bond!! I will miss the sweet little guy but knowing how his life started and knowing what a great home he is going to reminds me of why I am doing what I'm doing!! WE WILL MISS YOU BLITZ :)
Also Fobe our cremello 5-6 year old gelding will be going Monday to the trainers, he is super sweet, loves to have baths, and loves being around people of all ages. He is one long legged, agile boy who might make somebody a great 4H horse. I will post his progress so keep checking out our site and facebook.
June 29th:
I got an email from a lady looking to place her horses into a loving home before she has to move. If you know of anybody looking please pass on this information, I told her I would do what I can. If you have questions please send me an email at
 Drifter and Windy are both around 14. Windy is registered but Drifter isn't. They are both mares. Windy is not broke. She has a filly about 6 years old, Sierra, and she isn't broke either. Shiloh belongs to Drifter, he is a 10 year old gelding. He and Drifter have both been broke and have both had training. It has been several years since either of them have been worked with. All of these horses have draft in their lineage making them good sturdy, muscled horses. All are sound with no health issues. Drifter and Shiloh are both spoiled with huge hearts. If you are in the pasture they are right beside you wanting to help with whatever you are trying to do. We would like to get $700.00 each for them. Windy without being broke, but registered, $600.00 and $500 for Sierra. We are selling our acreage and can't take them to town with us. Thank-you for your help. All 4 of them are black and white paints.
June 15th
I hate to say it but...our rescue is full...we have 12 horses and with us getting no rain I fear we are going to have a long winter a head of us. Until I know that I have enough hay to last a long hard winter for the horses I already have we will not be taking on any more horses. Please keep us in mind if you have stories or pictures you would like us to post on facebook or this website, we are more than happy to try and spread the word of horses needing to find good homes!!
Also several of our horses will be trained to ride in the next few months, please keep checking in if there is a horse you like!! The more horses we can find loving homes, the more we can bring in and save!
June 11th:
Trying to help out another rescue in NE they do some great work and have some wonderful horses at their rescue. If you don't see something on our page look into her site
June 7th:
New Faces, and Blitz in training!
June 5th;
This weekend we will be getting two new horses on the rescue, one is a 5-6 year old cremllo paint, the other I believe is a bay filly. Both are halter broke only. I should have pictures to add early next week :)
Also Blitz is at the trainers, with-in 45 mins of his first lesson we had an 11 year old riding him around, he is becoming a crowed favorite at the trainers. He may be small but he has a big heart and wants to please. He is only 4years old, could make a great starter horse for kids, or a great 4-H horse. We should have a video on his training soon.
May 25th:
The count is in, we made some good money for the horses with our concert!!! This will insure the life of Double R Horse Rescue for another year :)
Next year Collin has agreed to come back and possibly bring a singing buddy with him. Hope to see you all next year!! Thank you to everybody who helped, played, or bought a ticket. The horses thank you too! :)
April 4th:
Wanted to say a huge thanks to Donna, she stopped by Double R with a huge box of new items for us! She brought 2 saddle pads, 2 head stalls, a running martingale, two sets of leather reigns split and roping, 5 different bits, two complete leather bridles, riding helmet, 2 sets of splints, 3 sets of boots 2 leather show halters complete with matching lead ropes and 7 nylon halters with leads ranging from colt, yearling, and draft sizes. Plus she is going to donate 10 to 15 large round bales of alfalfa after her first cutting!! This woman is amazing! Thank You Thank You Thank You
April 30th:
Meet our newest rescue Jericho! Check out his profile on the "Horses to be Adopted" page.
April 15th:
the author Dean Koontz supplied us with two autographed books, "Be Mine" and "The Good Guy" for our silent auction May 19th.These two books are hardback special edition, only a limited supply of copies were ever made! They also came in cases that will preserve the books for years to come, if you love Dean Koontz or know of somebody who does not only will they get a chance at one or both of these books but also the money goes to help the horses at Double R. Please pass on the word!!
April 12th:
We received the "Horse Rescue and Relief" Award from!
How to Train A Horse
Awarded By: horse training

April 5th:
Well just like I have been saying the May 19th Collin Raye concert is continuing to get better, we now have an up and coming country singer Imaj who will also be apart of raising money for the horses!!
Our Doors will open at 6pm with music starting at 6:30, do to the fact that we have so many bands taking part this year.
This is our line up:
Kearney s very own: Ashton Jackson
Up and Coming Country Singer: Imaj
Local Band: Whiskey Bent
Country Legend: Collin Raye
for less then $25 a ticket you are able to see 4 great performers and have a fun filled night! Go to to get your tickets today!! :)
March 23rd
We are happy to say that Whiskey Bent will be apart of our May 19th Collin Raye concert, you can check them out on our facebook page!! Hope you all are buying tickets, this fundraiser just keeps getting better and better :)
March 20th:
We have opened the bidding on our on-line auction, most these are our getaways that will not be at our silent auction at the concert.
To check it out go to:
Start placing your bids :) We have something for everybody!!
March 17th:
It is that time of year, yes we are bringing back Collin Raye!! Concert will be Saturday May 19th 2012 at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney Ne. Tickets are now on sale, you can go to and order, or call the Fairgrounds at 866 301 1201 all tickets will be held at will call and able to be picked up the night of the show, doors open at 6pm so you are able to browse the silent auction items and shows will start at 7pm with Ashton Jackson.
Hope to see you there!
 February 22nd:
Today we received a donation from a family that has two amazing kids, Stevie and Ashleigh. These two have raised thousands of dollars for Nebraska rescues and today they donated several hundred dollars worth of items to Double R. Some of these items include bags of feed, halters, muck cart, buckets, saddle blanket racks, bridle racks, supplements, bottles of fly spray, bottles of leather new, several brushes, hoof picks, show and shine, fly spray wipes and mitts to apply spray and to wash.
Please check out Stevie's story at He is six and his sister is 9 and what they are doing is truly amazing. Its people like them that allow us to keep doing what we are doing. I applaud this family and the ambition they have!!
  January 18th:
Ok we have some great news!! Collin Raye has agreed to come back and do a benefit concert for us on May 19th. We are still lining up the details on time and place but as soon as all of that comes through I will let you guys know. If you made it last year, you know what a great time it was, this year we plan on making it better. We would like to have a silent auction along with it, so not only will you get to see a GREAT show but you will have the chance to win some wonderful items. Some of those items include autographed pictures of Brad Paisley, Jimmy Buffet, and Robin Williams. Also we have some beautiful jewelry , and a gorgeous hand made toy box, and lots more items to come ( I will post some pictures as the auction gets closer).
January 5:
I just want to say thank you to everybody who has donated cash items or time,or came to our fund raisers this past year!! We would not be where we are now without you.
Also wanted to thank our neighbors the Winters for thinking of our rescue when they heard about hay to be donated. Big thanks to Ed Axeman for donating 12 round bales of hay, CR Hay for donating 15 large bales, and Darrell Wilson for donating 11 round bales. Thanks to these guys Double R did not have to pay for a single bale of hay. With hay prices this year you have no idea how much you guys helped out our horses!! HUGE THANKS
December 23rd:
Its great to know we have an amazing network of horse lovers out there. In just one day of making phone calls we found a home for a horse in Nebraska that had been left in a pen to starve. The spirit of giving :) Merry Christmas Everybody and keep up the great work.
November 19th
Just wanted to say thank you to Ryan, Annette, Caleb, Tanner and Trevor Kirchhoff for braving the weather and coming out to Double R and helping with the horses. We had fence post holes that got filled, the pasture was cleaned up of all old wire, and everything else we could find :) Thanks again, its always nice to have some helping hands.
October 12th:
Just wanted to say Thank You to EVERYBODY at the Ron and Carol Cope Foundation for the cash donation and a horse trailer, it could not of come at a better time! Thank you for all you do!!!
August 21st
There is a lady by Lexington NE who is looking for good homes for 5-10 papered Arabians both geldings and mares ranging from the age 2-10. She has medical issues and is unable to keep up with all of them. They are up to date with all shots and wormer, and in great body shape. Just need a forever loving home. I am trying to get pictures, when i do I will post them under the page "in need of a good home" Thank you everybody!
July 30th 2011
We had the vet come out and check all the new girls out, it was a long day in the heat but after several hours all of the girls got all of their shots and wormer, And Missy now has some beautiful new looking hooves. Want to say thank you to Northgate Veterinarians  for being so gentle with them and taking all the proper steps to get these girls in the shape they need to be. Also want to thank Terry McMillan our farrier for being able to meet with us on such short notice to fix Missy's hooves..Thanks again to everybody!
April 30th 2011
Just wanted to say thank you to Keith Carlson for the 340 fence post, we are now starting the job of putting them in the ground, should not be long before we are able to bring in a few horses!
Check out our Donation and Events page to find out what we are doing!
Thank you all for your support.
Also Check us out on Facebook
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